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The Minnesota MATHCOUNTS 2018 chapter competitions are complete and the results are in! Find results for your chapter here.

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The New Ulm Journal featured the St. Paul’s Lutheran Elementary MATHCOUNTS team February 24. The St. Paul’s team will represent the Traverse de Sioux  chapter in the state meet March 9-10.


2018 State Competition Results

Only two weeks until the 2018 Minnesota MATHCOUNTS State Competition begins  Friday  March 9.  We’ll announce the winners here when we have the results.

Get ready for the Minnesota MATHCOUNTS State Competition.

Solve this puzzle from the MATHCOUNTS Problem of the Week series.  What is the tenth term of the sequence −50, −49, −47, −44, −40, …?  Find the answer and more problems here.

2017 Minnesota MATHCOUNTS Slideshow

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 Cameron Klos, PE,  talks about his volunteer service.   MORE