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How to Register

Registration for the MATHCOUNTS program begins in August of each year. You can register online on the National MATHCOUNTS website or use the form in the School Handbook.

A school may register one team of four students and up to six individuals for a total of 10 participants. You must designate students as team members or as individuals prior to the start of the local (chapter) competition. A student registered as an “individual” may not help his/her school team advance to the next level of competition. However, that individual student may advance to the State Meet because of her/his individual placement.

Only one team (of up to four students) per school is eligible to compete. It is recommended that your strongest four Mathletes form your school team. Teams of fewer than four will be allowed to compete; however, the team score will be computed by dividing the sum of the team members’ scores by four.

Up to six students may be registered in addition to or in lieu of a school team. Students registered as individuals will participate in the Sprint and Target Rounds but not the Team Round. Individuals are often paired with other individual participants to be able to compete in the team rounds on an unoffical basis. Individuals will be eligible to qualify for the Countdown Round and can progress to the state and national levels.

Early priority team registration is $120 and individual student registration is $30, through the priority registration deadline in early November. The rates are $140 per team and $35 per individual up until the regular registration deadline. There are reduced rates for schools entitled to receive Title I funds.

The deadline to register is early December, but the sooner you register the sooner you will receive your competition material.

There is a $20 additional charge for late registrations or additions made to an existing registration after the deadline.

Once processed, confirmation of your registration will be available through the registration area on the National MATHCOUNTS Web site.

Chapter Competitions

Your Chapter Coordinator will be notified of your registration and will inform you of the date and location of your local competition. You can also check our Competition Schedule for your Chapter’s Competition date.

State Competition

If your team or individual student qualifies for the State Competition, you will receive an email directing you to an online registration form for the State Meet along with information about that event.

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