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2019 State Meet Results

Top Four Teams

1st Place Team: Chippewa Middle School

Linden Lee
Aurora Wang
Justin Wang
Michael Wang
Coach: Michelle Wang

2nd Place Team: Valley View Middle School
Adwin Shi
Kevin Yi
Bob Zhang
Henry Zheng
Coach: Meg Schlukibier

3rd Place Team:  Wayzata Central Middle School
Michelle Cao
Matthew Chen
Andrew Zheng
Emma Zheng
Coach: Amanda Padjen

4th Place Team: Wayzata East Middle School
Leon Luo
Eric Chen
Neev Mangal
Sanjana Basava
Coach: Kathy Simson


Top Mathletes*

1st Place: Andrew Zhang
Wayzata Central Middle School

2nd Place: Linden Lee
Chippewa Middle School

3rd Place: Aurora Wang
Chippewa Middle School

Fourth Place: Henry Zheng
Valley View Middle School 

Fifth Place: Matthew Chen
Wayzata Central Middle School

Sixth Place: Jacob Arroyo
Rochester Area Homeschool

  • The top four mathletes make up Minnesota’s National Team; mathletes who placed fifth and sixth are alternates to the National Team.
  • Margaret Schlukebier, who coached Valley View Middle School team, is the coach for the National Team.

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