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Coordinator Profiles

Arrowhead Chapter


Greg Stoewer is a retired project engineer from the City of Duluth. Greg finds it rewarding to help the community by offering this opportunity for students. MATHCOUNTS acknowledges and rewards students for their extra efforts in math, Greg says.

Contact information

 Email: stoewerg[AT]
 Phone: 218-451-1403 

City of Lakes Minneapolis

Brian Simmons has been a coordinator since 2010, a volunteer since 2007, and an MSPE member since 2004. He is a design engineer working for Bolton & Menk Inc. in their Chaska office. He works primarily on design and project management of municipal engineering projects, and has enjoyed working for this employee owned firm since he joined them as a summer intern while he was still a student at North Dakota State University.

Brian appreciates MATHCOUNTS for bringing the importance of using math in problem solving and real world applications to the kids who will someday be performing some of the same duties he does on a day to day basis. “I hope they’ll use their knowledge to come up with better and more innovative ways to solve the problems we’re tasked with in keeping up today’s infrastructure.”

Contact information

Email: briansi[AT]

Cameron Klos, PE, is the vice president/president elect of the Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers and a recipient of the MnSPE Young Engineer of Year Award.  Cameron is a senior electrical engineer in the Aviation and Federal Division with Burns & McDonnell and earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Minnesota. Cameron, a MATHCOUNTS alum, has held a number of leadership roles for the City of Lakes Minneapolis MATHCOUNTS competition as well as the state MATHCOUNTS contest. Cameron has led the Friday night student engineering activity at the state meet and has  co-led the state competition.

Contact information

Phone: 952- 656-2673



City of Lakes North

Derek Van Heuveln is a staff engineer with American Engineering Testing, Inc. His responsibilities include being the project manager of construction testing and geotechnical exploration projects. Derek is on the MATHCOUNTS state committee as well as Chapter Coordinator.

One of the things Derek likes best about volunteering with MATHCOUNTS is seeing the students excel and enjoy the spirit of friendly competition. “The competition allows students to challenge themselves in a fun environment. It’s more than ‘just’ a math competition – it allows the students to work both individually and as a group to achieve the best score possible, much like working professionals do on a daily basis. ”

Contact information

Phone: 651-789-4656
Email: dvanheuveln[AT]

City of Lakes South

Sheila Krohse is coordinator for the City of Lakes South Chapter and a state MATHCOUNTS committee member. She is also a past president of City of Lakes Chapter. Sheila is a project manager at the Willmar  Office of Bolton & Menk, designing and managing municipal engineering projects.

What she likes best about MATHCOUNTS is “interacting with kids who are actually excited about Math and talking to them about their future goals.” She adds, “MATHCOUNTS allows math-inclined students to use their skills in a competitive nature that further fuels their desire to learn and to meet other kids with their same interests.”

Contact information

Phone: 320-231-3956
Email: sheilakr[AT]

Height of Land

Nick Koos and Brian Yavarow co-chair the MATHCOUNTS event for the Height of Land Chapter. 

Contact information:

 Nick Koos

Phone: 320-335-5049
Email: nick.koos[AT]

Brian Yavarov

Phone: 218-332-5413
Email: brian.yavarov[AT]

Lake Agassiz

Graig Gilbertson is a newly retired materials engineer who worked out of MnDOT’s Bemidji office. Part of his duties involved using the pavement management system to determine when and how to repair roads and managing the Materials Lab for testing of aggregate, bituminous and concrete.

As for his favorite part of being involved with MATHCOUNTS, Graig says he really enjoys the enthusiasm the kids bring to math. “Students not participating are missing an opportunity to work with a team of students trying to improve their math skills and learning and sharing the skills in a group setting which makes the learning more fun and in many cases more efficient.”

Contact information

Phone: 218-755-3807
Email: paulb1[AT]

Lake Region

Wayne Stark is the president/owner of Stark Engineering based out of Sauk Rapids. He wears many hats, including marketing, contracts, designing, drafting and project management for various construction projects. Civil engineering, site planning and sustainable design are the primary service areas for Stark Engineering.

“MATHCOUNTS is a way for me to give back to the community,” he says, “and to bring positive exposure to the engineering profession through my interaction with student and teachers. I’m continually amazed at how smart these middle school students are.”

MATHCOUNTS is a great opportunity to increase math fun, teamwork and achievement in schools, Wayne feels, as well as showcasing the math excellence of students.

Contact information:

Phone: 320-249-2611
Email: wayne[AT]

North Capitol

Chad Davison is the North Capitol Coordinator. Chad is now working for the Metropolitan Council. Chad likes helping the students experience mathematics in a fun and competitive setting.

Contact information

Email: chad.davison[AT]

South Capitol

Steve Dodge manages the storm water requirements and maintenance andstreet maintenance, and reconstruction programs for the city if Inver Grove Heights. In addition, he works with developers to negotiate agreements, and review plans submitted on residential and commercial developments. He also works with residents to facilitate responses to their calls and concerns.

Being an Engineer, Steve says, “I believe in helping promote a Mathlete competition because it is important for these kids to have a venue to express their talents just like any athlete would. Steve encourages schools not to miss out on a great afternoon (the chapter competition), the camaraderie of other people and students who are interested in math, and to have a place for those kids that enjoy math to compete. “It is especially rewarding to see first hand the bright future we have of talented kids.”

Contact information

Phone: 651-450-2541
Email: sdodge[AT]

Southeast Chapter

Derek Olinger is project engineer working  out of Bolton & Menk’s Rochester office. He spends most of his time with municipal clients and  works on everything from street reconstructions and new development to analysis of storm water, sanitary sewer and watermain networks.   After graduating from Minnesota State University-Mankato, he spent two years in western North Dakota  working in geotechnical and materials testing. Since then he has worked for Bolton & Menk out of Mankato, and now Rochester.

Contact information

Phone: 507-421-8256
Email: derekol[AT]


Dan Zemke is a project manager for WSB in Rochester out of the 3rd Avenue office. He has been involved with MATHCOUNTS for years because he wants to encourage kids that excel in math to go after their dreams. Dan loves showing students how they can use math to go places and do great things for the rest of your life.

Contact information

Phone: 507-421-8256
Email: DZemke[AT]

Southwest Chapter

Susann Karnowski, coordinator for the Southwest Chapter, works as a project manager and pre-design engineer for MnDOT in Willmar, managing transportation projects, including preparation of environmental documentation and geometric layouts and coordination with local “partners.”

Susann like working with the math students. “I like showing students that math can be fun,” Susann says. “It’s also great to see how smart these students are and to give them a first look at engineering as a possible future career choice.”

“MATHCOUNTS is great opportunity to get kids excited about math,” she adds, “and have access to tools and resources to help students. In addition, students could miss out on the opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for doing well at math at local and state levels.”

Contact information

Phone: 320-214-6370
Email: susann.karnowski[AT]

Traverse Des Sioux

Teresa Burgess is coordinator for the Traverse Des Sioux Chapter, which consistently has the most schools participating. Teresa is a project engineer in Mankato with Bolton and Menk. At work she does municipal and private civil engineering design. Bolton and Menk provides engineering services to communities and agencies in Minnesota and Iowa, in addition to surveying, land development and environmental services for public and private clients.

So many kids have a fear of being different, Teresa says. “MATHCOUNTS is a great chance for them to see that being good at math is a good thing and that’s it’s okay to have fun doing math.”

Contact information:

Phone: 507-625-4171 ext 2638
Email: mathcounts.tds[AT]

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