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How to Get Started

The best way to get familiar with the MATHCOUNTS program is through the MATHCOUNTS School Handbook. The handbook has information on building a program in your school, whether you are a teacher or a volunteer coach. It also has information on registration deadlines, details on competition levels, and 100 creative math problems that meet NCTM standards for grades 6-8.

The National MATHCOUNTS Web site also has additional information and resources.

How to determine your chapter

There are 12 chapters throughout Minnesota, each with a chapter coordinator who coordinates the Chapter Competition in that area. You can view a map that shows what counties are in what chapters by clicking on Find Your Chapter. Contact information for your Chapter Coordinator can also be found in that section.

Are you a new MATHCOUNTS coach? Interested in starting MATHCOUNTS at your school?

This new coach orientation webinar will help get you started. If you have additional questions, please contact Katie.




Additional Opportunities

Minnesota MATHCOUNTS also works with The Minnesota Junior High School Mathematics League. The MN JHML was founded in 1986 by Marlys Henke. It was originally formed with eight junior high schools from the City of St. Paul, and was modeled after the Minnesota State High School Mathematics League (MSHSML).  The purpose of the JHML is to encourage students to participate in math contests, enable students to meet Mathletes from other schools, and to provide recognition for students excelling in mathematics. It also serves as preparation for the annual MATHCOUNTS competitions. The meet topics are based on MATHCOUNTS  concepts.

Learn more about Junior High Math League here. Using both sites for resources can be of great benefit to students and coaches.

JHML contacts:
a. Judy-Ann Ehrlich –
b. Luke Olson –

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