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State Competition Information

Top teams and individuals from each of the 12 chapter meets proceed to the State Competition, held March 13-14, 2020 at the Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West, 3131 Campus Drive, in Plymouth.

This page contains important information about the state competition. Please take a moment to read through all of these details and note state meet registrations are due Friday, February 14, 2020.

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Tests are administered Saturday morning.
See agenda.

Coach accommodations

MATHCOUNTS pays for room and meals for one coach per team. Accommodations are made on a two-coach per room basis.

If a school sends two coaches, MATHCOUNTS will bill you/the school for the second coach’s room cost and for the meals at the competition for the second coach.

Coaches who wish to have a room to themselves or bring their families will be billed $60 for their share of the room rate. If this is the case, please indicate this when you register.

> Click here for information on the conference center where the state meet is held.

Student accommodations

MATHCOUNTS pays for the rooms and all of the meals for four team members per school or for an individual competitor. Students are usually assigned three or four to a room if all three or four are on the same team and the same sex. Two team members may be assigned to room with two team members from another school. One individual from a school will be assigned to a room with only one other student. All efforts possible are made to place coaches near their students.

Room assignments become very difficult if students change their mind (decide to stay with their parents or not stay at the hotel overnight) after the registration deadline, so please ask students to plan carefully and make their decisions before the deadline. Room choices cannot be changed after the deadline.

If any of your students are staying with parents, please indicate this on their registration. (We strongly encourage students to room with other students as part of the competition experience). It is important that we know students’ plans and that they do not change their mind after the registration deadline. This could result in one student staying by themselves in a room which is not allowed.


Alternates are not permitted to attend the state competition, as students earn the right to attend based on winning their chapter meets. While we know that alternates are important to coaches and their teams, we cannot treat alternates the same as the competitors in terms of room, meals or participant certificates.

Students are not allowed to bring friends along to the meet.


Students: The students who competed as a team at the chapter meet form your team that is going to state. You cannot substitute other students unless one of the team members is not available on the date of the state competition. In that case, the following policy applies. If a team member is not available for the state meet, another student may substitute. The request for substitution must be sent to Katie Jamieson ( prior registering for the competition. This must come from the student’s parent/guardian, stating the student is voluntarily giving up his or her spot on the team.

Coaches may not make substitutions for students progressing to the state competition as individual participants.

Coaches: In the case of a substitute-teacher coach, guidelines regarding room and meal reimbursement are the same.

Parent-coach substitutes: If a parent substitutes for a coach, he or she will be treated as a substitute coach. Their meals and rooms will be paid for, unless they want their own room, in which case they will be invoiced $60. Family members who are not a coach or competitor are not eligible for meals.

State Competition schedule

Check in at the Crown Plaza is between 3 to 6 p.m. on Friday. Seating of contestants is at 8.35 a.m. on Saturday. The event concludes Saturday afternoon about 3 p.m.

A packet of information will be given to you at check in containing name tags (which act as meal tickets), room keys, and certificates of participation. Additional details will be emailed to you once you complete online registration.

> Click here to view the State Meet agenda

How to register for the State Competition

Please use the link below to register your students and coach for the state competition. One form must be filled out PER student and coach advancing from the chapter competition.

Meals are open only to coaches and student participants – please check the meals you and your students will attend.

Please complete all registration forms as soon as possible as we have a lot of material to prepare for the competition and need to make room arrangements. It is very important to do so at the very least by the deadline, as we must make final arrangements with the hotel. Registration deadline is Feb. 14, 2020.

If you have any changes on your registration or questions, please contact Katie Jamieson at

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Letter for parents

Click here for a letter which should be given to the parents of your students who are going to the State Meet.

> Click here for a printable media waiver

Media waiver forms are required for all MATHCOUNTS students. If you did not submit prior to your chapter competition, please send to parents to submit online or print the above waiver, get them signed and bring to registration at state. 


Minnesota MATHCOUNTS is a nonprofit organization that is privately funded by area companies, foundations and individuals. While there is no additional registration fee for your students to attend the state competition, the cost for each student is near $400.

The Minnesota State MATHCOUNTS Committee suggests that each team raise/donate $100 ($25/individual) to help ensure future Mathletes can continue to have the same two-day state competition experience. We have also included this information in the parent letter that was in coach packets.

Funds can be submitted online here: or brought to the state competition via cash or check made out to Minnesota MATHCOUNTS.

Donations to MATHCOUNTS are charitable for tax purposes.


Students are responsible for providing their own, approved calculators and batteries.


All teams and individual photos will be taken at the state competition. Please see the state meet agenda for details.

MATHCOUNTS Items at State

A few MATHCOUNTS souvenirs will be available for students, coaches and parents to purchase at state. Please let your students and their parents know so they can plan accordingly money-wise.

  • T-shirts – Students will receive a MATHCOUNTS t-shirt
  • Pins – The same ones our national team will trade will be available for $3 each
  • MATHCOUNTS MN Pencils – $1 eachMN MATHCOUNTS pencils: $1 each

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